Sunday, 30 December 2012

The New Anna Sue's design ~ Alive with Passion

Haiiiiiiii again...

It 31st December 2012 year resolution?? Do i have one? of my resolutions will be to enhance my brand Anna Sue Jewelry..make new designs and share it with those who love it.  Strategies have to be made..hmmm...what will that be..that's my secret lah...

I made my come back in handmade necklaces hobby just a couple of month ago...of course, something triggered me...the same thing that stop me before..and i come back with new design..and commercialized my, some of them...

"Sweet Surrender"... the first piece of my come back

"The Twilight of Bali"
"The Essence of Dove"


" a datin in ME"....that's what i called it..mual?? hahaha 

okey..enough for now...if you want to see more of my work, do drop by my Facebook page at :

Anna Sue ~ Alive with Passions


Ya ya..been a while..i just cant explain why i rarely visit my blog..busy? forever..

Hokeyy..i just want to share with you my hobby..well, im in love with fashion for whole my life..and doing something that relates to it makes me alive..i love accessorizing and i make my own accessories because i just love it.  My taste in accessories is, i love chunky and statement accessories.  Anything that is huge and stands out is ME..a year ago, i show cased my handmade necklaces in my facebook and this is what i wrote:

"I have become a bit of a monster when comes to accessorizing. I always love a standout jewelry that is versatile, lavish, sparkle and make me look different-noticed fashionista. Here..I showcase to you my one-of-a-kind design - The Opulent Statement Necklaces by Anna Sue. Fantastic statement pieces with a rich array of chunky & small beads, clear & colored stones and other elements which stuck together in a fabulous fun necklace. The collection is perfect as evening wear or for women who want sparkling style throughout the day..these pieces is made available at KHATERA House of Coutures and lovingly it is designed & handmade by Anna Sue"....haha..i actually malas nak reka kata-kata so i copy & paste lah..

Here are the first few necklaces i made about a year ago before...




so...those are the few pieces i made...before i called it 'retire'...why?? there is an incident that hurt me...however...jeng back...see me in my next post 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

The quiet & lay back City of Vaxjo, Sweden

I wrote this post when i was still in Vaxjo but didnt managed to complete & publish, continue..
After the tiring 30 hours journey (Kch-KL, Kl-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Copenhagen, Copenhagen-Vaxjo)..we finally reached Vaxjo, pronounce as 'Vex-hoe' (struggling to pronounce it right at first..and the mat saleh are laughing at our wrong pronounciation..daaa).
taking a 2 hours train ride from Copenhagen to Vaxjo
the hotel where we stayed - Best Western Royal Corner..highly remomended!
Vaxjo is a small city of Kronoberg, Sweden with the population of around 80,000. This city is awarded as the greenest city of Europe..i couldnt agree is indeed. If you want to get away from stress & endless work presure, this is the place that can offer you heaven of comfortness... There is nothing to worry and hurry here...its like everybody is on a holiday..nothing to heavy traffic..people walk or cycle..they jog and walk along the cross the road, the cars stop..even the bus driver stopped!  There was an incident where this bus suddently stopped - the driver got down the bus - cross over to the other side of the road - just to help an old lady to cross and get into the bus!!!) goodness me, this place is full of harmony... However, for shopping enthausiast like me, Vaxjo has limited shopping activities to offer. There is no big shopping mall, just a small stores at pedestrian streets. No variety either, so Vaxjo is not for shopping (plus the price is quite expensive for us Malaysian). It is a place for relaxing, enjoying beautiful natures and clean air....the air is so fresh and clean even the car's exhaust smoke smells like a sauna...hahahaha
A very unique designed apartment



hurmmmmm..ok...hahaha beautiful it is with a rainbow as the background

You see..the street is so quiet..i can even lay on the street and no car will run over me..haha

How to get around the city? Walk..walk...walk... Or .... Cycle! I can say that cycling is the most important mode of transportation here...this is how they can preserve & sustain their green environment.
We managed to cycled around..well..we cycled the whole day..i was struggling to cycle at first..helooooo...i didnt touch a bicycle for like 30 years and suddenly here I am on the bike...I almost walk back to the hotel and leave the bike in the middle of the road...but with encouragements from Mr.Hubby ' can do it'...'its getting better'..'yeahh...a little bit more' (i got pissed ishkkkk ishkkkk), I finally enjoyed my ride..fuhhh

The best part of the ride was...the castle..the Teleborg Castle...this castle was erected by Count Fredrik Bonde af Björnö as a wedding gift to his young wife Anna Koskull in 1900. 17 years later the couple had died, and the castle was used as a hotel for young girls and for accommodation in general. In 1964 the city of Växjö bought it and the surrounding park from the Bonde family and is today mainly used for representation, weddings and conferences.  I went in but nobody was there..not even the, i make myself confortable looking around, taking pictures, used the wash room..hmm, i didnt find the bedroom!
The Teleborg Castle of Vaxjo


There are too many pictures taken and I just couldnt share it here...4 days in Vaxjo was good enough to explore the city..I surely miss this place for its serenity and all the beautiful wonders nature can give..masyallah..the place is so beautiful..

The End of visted no.13
owh myyyyyy...this blog of mine is so i so busy? hmm...maybe...

i guess its the time to let loose a bit..taking like 10 minutes a day to paint my feelings & emotion on this blog rather than i hempas myself to the wall...haha..wait arrr waitttt...let me go to my class teaching a bunch of excited teenagers..then i'l update my blog..huhu

its the final day of class for this semester and im so relief...fuhhh

excited because they have finished all the modules for this semester..huhh..wait till you sit for your final exam next 2 can do it girls!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hello... Madam Octopus

Finally sumitted my proposal today..after weeks of sleepless night & ding dong ding dong with the dates of submission..I finally submitted it today..! Bravo??? nahhhh...i would't want to say that...i dont feel like i did good enough..

To my dear NS (bukan nama sebenar...heee ), thank you for helping me sorted out things..such an answer to my plea, you came when i needed help the most...your sleepless nights, i truely appreciate...beb, thank you! 

May is such a crazy month...with works, study & the conference we organised..why must all came in May??? A package of stress i would call it..I rarely get good sleep..i do so many just like an octopus that has so many hands to grab on things.. tq Sis Kuspa for the term :)

This insane life im having finally pay its price...I was so busy sinking myself with work & juggling to catch so many things and when i was away in Jakarta, i called home only to realised that i forgot my son's birthday..i totally forgotten all about his 16th i felt at that time? Terrible..terrible...i felt like i have gone overboard with my life and i asked myself "what have you done?"...i wish i could fly back home that very my son Daniel..please forgive mama for that mistake.. Im terriblely sorry...I love you... 

My journey is just started..i still have two years at least to call it the end..More hurdles to come, im very sure about it..with blood & tears, i vow to finish my study...whatever challenges, whatever obstacles...come what may... 

Now, i have about 20 days to prepare for my presentation and to get ready to defense my proposal..another challenge awaits..lets see what life got to offer..

Friday, 6 April 2012

Self-Picture Syndrome

Many of us suffer from what I called "Self-Picture Syndrome" or "Self-Potrait Obsession".. It is all because of the advancements in digital camera technology which makes self-potrait an easy task.  With just one hand holding the camera at arm's u go...photosssss.  Seeing someone taking his/her own picture is not a rare scene anymore :)

I have to admit that im one of those who suffer from this syndrome..I have taken hundreds of my own photos..I dont know, its kinda fun..we dont have these opportunity back, now we have why not..take la photo..its ok what..

Self-picture can make the photos feel more personal...some shots are fun & humorous.. Sometimes we had a good laugh looking at how funny we look..its ok..delete...and take another one..well, actually taking self picture is quite a difficult task..ask the professional photographer..they think it is difficult too..

Nevermind..we just want to have fun..when we grow old..60...70 years old..i dont think we will self-pix anymore isnt snap snap lah...have fun everyone..muah muahhh

 Location : Washroom

Location : Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Location : In the Lif

Thursday, 22 March 2012

read read read read.......readdddddddddddd

My mission today is to finish reading these very few articles...i have been doing continuous reading for the past few day and today i feel extremely lazy..burn out? i cant think of any other thing except for work & study...gonna meet my supervisor tonite..i hope to hear favourable comments..huhu...if u ask me, what i can say not satisfied with my own work..i feel like im not doing enough reading..not thorough enough for a Phd level..i feel like my writting is such a crap..i can imagine my supervisor laughing at my writting..she must have been thinking 'what on earth is this student doing'...ya ya..i know that is just my imagination, probably my anxiety level shoot up today

Juggling between & family..hmm...i can only pray to give me mercy...

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Shopping Epidemics & the Science of BUYology

I am a lecturer.  My field is Business & Marketing.  So, when people talk about marketing tactics and strategies used by marketers to capture the desire of the customers..I 'should' know all those because that is what I been telling my students....those are merely tactics to induce sales..I used the word 'should' here because, since I knew it then i should have not fall into the trap...I learn all the theories but paradoxically I often found myself go home with armfull of shopping merchanidises that I labelled as 'must have', 'no harm buying', 'good price'..or..'the price is as much as my one time visit to the salon'...there you go..I'm making a comparison..when i start to make my comparison analysis, it means...DANGER

I'm always poorer by hundreds of ringgit everytime i step my foot out of the house..and now its even worst..i dont have to step out of the house, staying in bed with my ipad is good enough to empty my pocket..its not my fault..blame it to the technology :)  My husband teased me 'if there is a shopping will be the athelete" ! nahhh...amekawww

I'm just...just vulnerable and fragile human being whose heart is full of for shopping..heehhh...but its true though, research in brain scanning technology explains that we responded to marketing/shopping activities the way we do because we are driven by our fundamental human urges of survival procreation (Reader Digest, Dec 2011).

Wokey let me share with you some of the interesting points i found in Reader Digest, December issue..its all about what inspire us to empty our wallets and spend money..

According to this article, shopping can be an almost 'religious' has been described as the new religion and the malls its cathedrals..wuhuhuhu...interesting new terms

Martin Lindstom a marketing guru in his book 'Buyology' discussed his study about our brain cells - Mirror Neurons, that works in tandem with dopamine - one of the brain's pleasure chemicals which is also associated with food and, when we shop, the pleasure is the same as when WE ARE HAVING SEX....oooppss.  The reason is because in shopping our brain will flushes with pleasure and before we realise it, we have emptied our wallet or swapped our credit card.  When we left the store minutes later and the feeling fades we will suddently asked ourself  'what on earth have i done"!!

Women are generally love love love shopping...agree? yessss...We utilised our 5 even 6 senses when we shop.  We touch, we taste, we smell, we carefully look & check, we hear and sometimes we even dream (that is what i meant by 6 sense).  Research found that 86% women read price tags before we buy compared to 72% men..see...we are still a very carefull shopper..but I belong to that 72% catagory because I dont really read the price..I like it, I buy! 

Anyway, words of wisdom my friends.."shop with brain"..that is my husband's word of wisdom lah..haha..(1) make sure you have kept some portion of your money for saving (2) beli ikut kemampuan..jangan ikut orang...My husband always tell me to keep all the receipts (like he does) but I dont get the idea..what for? I cant get my money back..and I don't want to be reminded of what the economists call ' the pain of paying'.

One of the similarities that i share with my husband is shopping..most men dont like shopping but my man, ok ok la..I always promise him 'this one i'l pay myself'..swapppppp...when the American Express bill arrived at the end of the month i just..'forget forget remember' or...or..i pay..but pay half only..haha.  

When i write this post, I was on board to Jakarta..I almost shopped at the departure hall..u know, the international departure hall is quite a good place to husband patted my shoulder and said " we have'nt arrive yet..bawa bawa la bersabar"..

The best time to ask for things from him is when I'm sick or I make myself look sick...see the pix below..few of the medicine I got because I fell sick during my trip...there my friends...that is actually the science behind the word BUYology..hehe

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Kura Kura Mode

Second Phd is moving...but moving so very slow...just like a kura kura..but m trying to be positive...i will do things at my own tempo..after all..the tortoise finished first..the rabit finish later..and so the myth said..haha

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

HAT - when style matters

"Women with a hat is the most noticed women in the room", Lynn Dell Cohen, the countess of glamor once said.  So, what is it about hat?

Some people asked, hat - is it an accessory or a necessity?  Looking back into its history, hat has both elements...well it plays many functions indeed.  It offered protection ( from injury, rain, sun & snow ) .  In some western countries, hat has became a status symbols and worn for a special dressy occasions. Princess Diana of Wales, wore hat to add a sense of sophistication to her persona until she found her confidence to abandon her hat in many royal functions.

In fashion vocabulary, hat is a very noticeable add - an accessory because it draws people attention - to your face and your outfits.  It creates people's impression of you.. I love fashion hats and wish to wear in Kuching?? hu'uhhhh...i mean..where do i go with those glamorous hats? setakat pergi Hopoh..iboh jak..masak aku pakey umpat orang..haha..but i loveeeeeeeeeeee hat..and i want to wear it...sob sob..

i love this look..simple but yet sophisticated..this style is so ME..i can say :)

another look that i like..i wanted to wear that hat with jeans & jacket..hmm...i like i like

Dato Siti Norhaliza has created a new wave in Malaysian fashion trend when she wears a Beamie Hat..Beamie Hat is also known as a Skull or Sock Cap, it normally worn in the winter and made from wool.  In Malaysia, we dont called it Beamie Hat but we called it "Topi Siti" or "Cap Siti" instead.  But for me, not everybody can pull a great look with Beamie Hat..sometime it looks like the person who wears it ridiculing herself...sorry

Hoookeyyy...i do have some hats in my collection though..heeehhh

kira OK OK lah..haha
photo taken in Singapore
photo taken in Vietnam

this red number i love so favorite i have to say..

Yes....Victoria Beckham..never failed to amused me with her fashion statement
Alrite..what can i are not ready to open our mind to fashion sense..we wear outfits that is 'easy' and 'acceptable' by the community..and of course wearing 'something different' will make you easily noticed..noticed can be either positively or negatively noticed..hmmm

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Blessed with beautiful shape

I received lots of compliment regarding my do i keep my body in shape...i have two kids..a 16 years old and an 11 years old...since people complimented me a lot, i do feel proud..a little lah..i mean, who's not?

I have never been on a diet...i dont know..whether its my metabolism or my self-consciousness that drive me to 'ikat perut'...i really dont have a clue how i end up with this shape..BUT..what i can say is, it probably because of my diet routine..the food i take & how i take them..let me share with you...

1.  i never stop myself from eating..i eat anything, anytime that i want..but I EAT MODERATELY..its not necessary to wallop the whole bowl of laksa..or melicinkan sepinggan nasi goreng or nasi lemak...if i have the desire to eat it, i eat and stop before i feel really full..Maggi Mee for example..if i teringin nak makan maggi mee..instead of eating the whole packet, i take only half packet..

2.  I dont munch...keropok2...chips...titbit..huh uhhh...not really..i do take but seldom and if i take them, i take just a little..

3.  i dont like sweet things..sweet drinks, cakes, cookies..i just dont like

4.  No lemak2..nasi lemak..nasi goreng..masak lemak..curry...i only take them once in a while

Believe me or not..that is how my diet is like..i think it helps me to keep in shape..the problem i see with Malaysian women is, we like to munch in between meals and we eat as if there is no tomorrow....

Of course i have to blame our food..fatty..oily..sweet...thank god i dont like them..

So, friends..there s no special tips..its just how i 'behave' with food..i guess i love my cloths more than my food..hahaha

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

When my brain froze :(

Today 1 February..genap sebulan otak saya membeku..i have not done a single reading..everything is semester has passed and i still cant get my proposal through..DRP ~ defence research proposal~ is far from possible..hmm...what is wrong with me?? I used to be very motivated..well, there are reasons..somehow, only me, myself & i know what is going on..

This fever cannot be prolong...i must wake up & get up..i must do something!!!!

Friday, 27 January 2012

The Secret of Rainbow Goddess

The story maybe unreal, too dramatic to visualize or perhaps contain meaningless details..full of lust and seduction..but allowing myself to flow with rainbow's journey created an alluring chemistry that make me dance around my feelings.

First read in 2008 and keep reading it countlessly..

Collectively, this is my favorite novel which drama I kept dearly next to my emotion...

who painted my moon black

I'm angry and im sad....I get the job that i wanted for so long, im at the position which i can say no one can touch me..but that is not always the thing i cant do is to keep those mouths from talking..talking shit as if their got nothing better to do than observing and judging i wish those THRASH will have  the gut to say those things out loud right to my face..

One thing that i really know about myself heart..i always know that i have a kind heart..but this kind heart is wounded..i just want to be alone and keep myself only to the people who really know & love me..the best thing to do is to keep a distance...i dont want to make any new friends at this place..not just yet..

Friday, 20 January 2012

The Hidden Pair

The hidden pair..that's what my lovely Ida called is a hidden pair..hide under the staircase *wink wink*. I know i have the right to buy whatever i want..merely because i want and because i can ( not really because i need..heee)...but still i do feel 'kecut' if my husband finds out that i just bought another pair of shoe..and another..and another..well, he didnt say much actually..but i just..kecut..haha..orang bersalah kata kan..

Im not really into slipper because i dont really wear one.  However, the Fitflop craze have caught my attention..i tried them a couple of times during my window shopping session..and this pattern struck my heart..i was hit by 'i must get u though i dont know when m gonna wear u' syndrom..heee

Let me inject some info about Fitflop (well...m a, the element of teaching mesti ada :) Fitflop was created by the 41 year old Marcia Kilgore, a married mother of two. She and many other women like her, was so busy that she barely had time to juggle her work and workout with all the motherhood responsibilities on top of that.  'Everybody does a bit of walking..what about a flip-flop?  It's not that expensive to make, it's lightweight, it's going to work your muscles more, it doesn't hurt, it's not messy, you can slip it on and off"...
And so the Fitflop was born.
Marcia Kilgore

Now, i finally grabbed one of Marcia's creation that i have kept hidden under my staircase for 2 weeks..and I love the pair because they make me smile !