Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hello... Madam Octopus

Finally sumitted my proposal today..after weeks of sleepless night & ding dong ding dong with the dates of submission..I finally submitted it today..! Bravo??? nahhhh...i would't want to say that...i dont feel like i did good enough..

To my dear NS (bukan nama sebenar...heee ), thank you for helping me sorted out things..such an answer to my plea, you came when i needed help the most...your sleepless nights, i truely appreciate...beb, thank you! 

May is such a crazy month...with works, study & the conference we organised..why must all came in May??? A package of stress i would call it..I rarely get good sleep..i do so many just like an octopus that has so many hands to grab on things.. tq Sis Kuspa for the term :)

This insane life im having finally pay its price...I was so busy sinking myself with work & juggling to catch so many things and when i was away in Jakarta, i called home only to realised that i forgot my son's birthday..i totally forgotten all about his 16th i felt at that time? Terrible..terrible...i felt like i have gone overboard with my life and i asked myself "what have you done?"...i wish i could fly back home that very my son Daniel..please forgive mama for that mistake.. Im terriblely sorry...I love you... 

My journey is just started..i still have two years at least to call it the end..More hurdles to come, im very sure about it..with blood & tears, i vow to finish my study...whatever challenges, whatever obstacles...come what may... 

Now, i have about 20 days to prepare for my presentation and to get ready to defense my proposal..another challenge awaits..lets see what life got to offer..