Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Alleycats Cafe

This place reminds me of Malaysia legendary band which was popular back in 1970s, 1980s. The names, David Arumugam..Loga and song 'sampaikan lah salam cinta ku padanya..lalala...' popped up in my mind. But this cafe has nothing to do with the band though. What I expect is that the owner probably is a cats lover. As a cat lover myself, I'm so fascinated with the interior decoration of this cafe. It has the same kind of loving and relaxing vibe that pervade me when i  play with my cat - Gegurl the boboi :)

Let me give some of my sincere comments of this cafe & share with you photos that we took.

The interior: clean & modern...and its all about cats!! See for yourself...woohoooo..catssss



They provide room for private function which is perfect for birthday party etc.

The food: i cant comment much on the food as i just had some fingerfood and I was still lovey-dovey with the decoration :) 

The service: I can say it is fairly good. The staff are quite attentive but i still hope that they can be more cheerful..not too uptight. It is like they are scared to even smile..relax la bro..hahaha

 Here i give you some details of this place if you like to have it a try.

Will i repeat my visit to this cafe? Owh yes..i will, its a nice place to chill.