Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Alleycats Cafe

This place reminds me of Malaysia legendary band which was popular back in 1970s, 1980s. The names, David Arumugam..Loga and song 'sampaikan lah salam cinta ku padanya..lalala...' popped up in my mind. But this cafe has nothing to do with the band though. What I expect is that the owner probably is a cats lover. As a cat lover myself, I'm so fascinated with the interior decoration of this cafe. It has the same kind of loving and relaxing vibe that pervade me when i  play with my cat - Gegurl the boboi :)

Let me give some of my sincere comments of this cafe & share with you photos that we took.

The interior: clean & modern...and its all about cats!! See for yourself...woohoooo..catssss



They provide room for private function which is perfect for birthday party etc.

The food: i cant comment much on the food as i just had some fingerfood and I was still lovey-dovey with the decoration :) 

The service: I can say it is fairly good. The staff are quite attentive but i still hope that they can be more cheerful..not too uptight. It is like they are scared to even smile..relax la bro..hahaha

 Here i give you some details of this place if you like to have it a try.

Will i repeat my visit to this cafe? Owh yes..i will, its a nice place to chill.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Toward the finishing line...

When i started this blog few years ago, my intention was to document my experiences during this PhD journey.  It is important because PhD is such a big thing, at least to me. But i barely have time to update this blog. 24 hours is never enough, i wish human can live without having to sleep. Then 24 hrs can be fully utilised.

Now, im in my 7th semester and insyallah this will be my final semester..well, its all depend on me & my capability to say 'the end'.  I can feel the heat this very critical moment, my life is also tested at every corner. At this very moment, i just not sure if having a PhD is a dream to me anymore. I am mentally, emotionally & physically drained because of what life throws at me. Is this the price we have to pay for a dream we want to achieve?

Quitting may not be an answer for my PhD because it is too late to quit. I must finish it no matter what, even when my heart is not with it. At least i achieve something in my life even though life itself is such a disappointment.

I really need to strengthen my faith and iman.  I am totally the maximum. Maybe im not as strong as i thought i am....

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Urban Cafe - Rusty Bean & Batter

Yesterday, we decided to try this new Café in town, called Rusty Bean & Batter.  We had no idea what they served but we wanted to have it a try. So, whats the verdict? First, let me show you the pictures of the place that I took, then I'l tell you the verdict
This is the place...Rusty Bean & Batter

Located at ST3, Kuching, this café is built on the overhead bridge that connecting ST3 & The Spring shopping complex..two words to describe ~ 'unique & creative'.  Here are the photos of the interior...

Parts of the furnitures are made from metal/iron pipes

This is insanely creative...the couch cover is made from a patchwork of jeans.  As a designer myself, I find this is impressive.


The walk way that connecting ST3 and The Spring

Now, lets go to the food part..the best part lah.. :)

 "Rusty Fairy"

This drink is called Rusty Fairy.  So, what is it actually? Well, it is just coffee + milk + cotton candy (to substitute the sugar).  So, dip the cotton candy in the hot milk and add coffee..and you will get -> coffee! yeah...just coffee, but served in a creative & fun way.

Now, this one is Pancake Deluxe = layers of pancakes + caramelized bananas + fresh cream

I forgot the name of this sandwich..heeehhh... but it stated it "Raphael"...something..something
And this one is... "Hi Tension"...ok ok I know im a bit stressed out & tensed, that's why I need this drink..
Hi Tension =  avocado juice

So, my verdict?? Love it...I simply love this place.  The food is alright, perfect for someone who is looking for a light lunch or tea.  What I love the most is the concept..very urban, relaxing, not so perfect deco..but imperfection is what makes it unique.  Am I going to return to this place? Of course laaaa...definitely.  And Im promoting this place too because it deserved to be promoted.  I want more places like this to exist in Kuching and I hope they will keep a good service & improve themselves continuously.  
The satisfied customer ::

Sharing is Caring...this is the contact details of Rusty Bean & Batter:
Email :
Tel : 01963338866

Monday, 12 January 2015

The Yellow Weekender ~ Chic Weekend Style

I love colors and I'm very fortunate to live in Malaysia where everyday is summer..there is no restrictions on what color to wear for different season. So, this weekend, 11 January 2015, I chose to wear something easy going but still looking chic & catchy.

A loose mustard color blouse + ankle length ripped jeans + mustard color Longchamp weekend handbag.

A simple look like this is good enough especially during a wet rainy weekend. I was actually pairing the handbag with a yellow heels but decided to change it to flats when the rain started to fall... i love my Tropical Island of Borneo :)

My earlier look....when the sun was shinning bright 😀

Well...not much effort to appear 'astonishing' on wet Sunday isn't it? See you next weekend.. xoxo