Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Tea House

No..nooooo...The Tea House is not located in Kuching...(it only takes us a few hours flight) its in the country town of Lincoln, Christchurch, New Zealand. Since i had a chance to dine in this famous restaurant, im sharing some info & photos with you guys (in case you plan to visit Lincoln).

The Tea House, a beautifully restored 1890’s villa is nothing extraordinaire.  It is just a simple small place. However, the place gives us a pleasant surrounding with the china, tea pots etc that are perfectly lovely. The food are  well presented and delicious, providing us with elegant dining experience.

This is the part i love the most.  Look at those cake tiers...lovely. Im a big fan of cake tiers :)

Well..for traveller like us, sitting in a warm cosy place is great after a long tiring day.  The Tea House is simply perfect even though we cant expect a royalty treatment. I only have 1 regret -> i cant have the beef steak! Sighhhhh...fish pun kira ok lah

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Western Food Galore at Fork & Knife

I am no food expert, neither a good cook..i just love to eat (and who is not?? Slap..slap ✋✋). It is rather difficult to find a good restaurant that served a good satisfying food in my city, the Cat City ~ Kuching.  Recently, i found this restaurant, FORK & KNIFE, located at Jalan Song which served western food.  The food is great..the ambience is nice, clean & calm..the staff...hmmm..ok ok lah, can be improved..and on top of all, it is halal and the owner is a Muslim...so, the Muslims can eat tanpa was was.

I went there a couple of nights ago..and these are some pictures i like to share..for your reference...

The best Pavlova in town...so far lah...

My favourite Aglio Olio...i am satisfied.....i give 5/5 stars

Owh myyyy..this burger is so huge..

Im not a pizza lover but i love cheese..so, as long as it has lots and lots of cheese, im good

Yeaaaa....maybe we were haloba (sangatttttt....) we cant finish the food and have to tapau them all..hahaha...

So, the verdict..i give 9/10...I highly recommend this place...jommn la try...