Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Kura Kura Mode

Second Phd is moving...but moving so very slow...just like a kura kura..but m trying to be positive...i will do things at my own tempo..after all..the tortoise finished first..the rabit finish later..and so the myth said..haha

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

HAT - when style matters

"Women with a hat is the most noticed women in the room", Lynn Dell Cohen, the countess of glamor once said.  So, what is it about hat?

Some people asked, hat - is it an accessory or a necessity?  Looking back into its history, hat has both elements...well it plays many functions indeed.  It offered protection ( from injury, rain, sun & snow ) .  In some western countries, hat has became a status symbols and worn for a special dressy occasions. Princess Diana of Wales, wore hat to add a sense of sophistication to her persona until she found her confidence to abandon her hat in many royal functions.

In fashion vocabulary, hat is a very noticeable add - an accessory because it draws people attention - to your face and your outfits.  It creates people's impression of you.. I love fashion hats and wish to wear in Kuching?? hu'uhhhh...i mean..where do i go with those glamorous hats? setakat pergi Hopoh..iboh jak..masak aku pakey umpat orang..haha..but i loveeeeeeeeeeee hat..and i want to wear it...sob sob..

i love this look..simple but yet sophisticated..this style is so ME..i can say :)

another look that i like..i wanted to wear that hat with jeans & jacket..hmm...i like i like

Dato Siti Norhaliza has created a new wave in Malaysian fashion trend when she wears a Beamie Hat..Beamie Hat is also known as a Skull or Sock Cap, it normally worn in the winter and made from wool.  In Malaysia, we dont called it Beamie Hat but we called it "Topi Siti" or "Cap Siti" instead.  But for me, not everybody can pull a great look with Beamie Hat..sometime it looks like the person who wears it ridiculing herself...sorry

Hoookeyyy...i do have some hats in my collection though..heeehhh

kira OK OK lah..haha
photo taken in Singapore
photo taken in Vietnam

this red number i love so favorite i have to say..

Yes....Victoria Beckham..never failed to amused me with her fashion statement
Alrite..what can i are not ready to open our mind to fashion sense..we wear outfits that is 'easy' and 'acceptable' by the community..and of course wearing 'something different' will make you easily noticed..noticed can be either positively or negatively noticed..hmmm

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Blessed with beautiful shape

I received lots of compliment regarding my do i keep my body in shape...i have two kids..a 16 years old and an 11 years old...since people complimented me a lot, i do feel proud..a little lah..i mean, who's not?

I have never been on a diet...i dont know..whether its my metabolism or my self-consciousness that drive me to 'ikat perut'...i really dont have a clue how i end up with this shape..BUT..what i can say is, it probably because of my diet routine..the food i take & how i take them..let me share with you...

1.  i never stop myself from eating..i eat anything, anytime that i want..but I EAT MODERATELY..its not necessary to wallop the whole bowl of laksa..or melicinkan sepinggan nasi goreng or nasi lemak...if i have the desire to eat it, i eat and stop before i feel really full..Maggi Mee for example..if i teringin nak makan maggi mee..instead of eating the whole packet, i take only half packet..

2.  I dont munch...keropok2...chips...titbit..huh uhhh...not really..i do take but seldom and if i take them, i take just a little..

3.  i dont like sweet things..sweet drinks, cakes, cookies..i just dont like

4.  No lemak2..nasi lemak..nasi goreng..masak lemak..curry...i only take them once in a while

Believe me or not..that is how my diet is like..i think it helps me to keep in shape..the problem i see with Malaysian women is, we like to munch in between meals and we eat as if there is no tomorrow....

Of course i have to blame our food..fatty..oily..sweet...thank god i dont like them..

So, friends..there s no special tips..its just how i 'behave' with food..i guess i love my cloths more than my food..hahaha

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

When my brain froze :(

Today 1 February..genap sebulan otak saya membeku..i have not done a single reading..everything is semester has passed and i still cant get my proposal through..DRP ~ defence research proposal~ is far from possible..hmm...what is wrong with me?? I used to be very motivated..well, there are reasons..somehow, only me, myself & i know what is going on..

This fever cannot be prolong...i must wake up & get up..i must do something!!!!