Tuesday, 21 February 2012

HAT - when style matters

"Women with a hat is the most noticed women in the room", Lynn Dell Cohen, the countess of glamor once said.  So, what is it about hat?

Some people asked, hat - is it an accessory or a necessity?  Looking back into its history, hat has both elements...well it plays many functions indeed.  It offered protection ( from injury, rain, sun & snow ) .  In some western countries, hat has became a status symbols and worn for a special dressy occasions. Princess Diana of Wales, wore hat to add a sense of sophistication to her persona until she found her confidence to abandon her hat in many royal functions.

In fashion vocabulary, hat is a very noticeable add - an accessory because it draws people attention - to your face and your outfits.  It creates people's impression of you.. I love fashion hats and wish to wear them...but...living in Kuching?? hu'uhhhh...i mean..where do i go with those glamorous hats? setakat pergi Hopoh..iboh jak..masak aku pakey umpat orang..haha..but i loveeeeeeeeeeee hat..and i want to wear it...sob sob..

i love this look..simple but yet sophisticated..this style is so ME..i can say :)

another look that i like..i wanted to wear that hat with jeans & jacket..hmm...i like i like

Dato Siti Norhaliza has created a new wave in Malaysian fashion trend when she wears a Beamie Hat..Beamie Hat is also known as a Skull or Sock Cap, it normally worn in the winter and made from wool.  In Malaysia, we dont called it Beamie Hat but we called it "Topi Siti" or "Cap Siti" instead.  But for me, not everybody can pull a great look with Beamie Hat..sometime it looks like the person who wears it ridiculing herself...sorry

Hoookeyyy...i do have some hats in my collection though..heeehhh

kira OK OK lah..haha
photo taken in Singapore
photo taken in Vietnam

this red number i love so much..my favorite i have to say..

Yes....Victoria Beckham..never failed to amused me with her fashion statement
Alrite..what can i say..here..we are not ready to open our mind to fashion sense..we wear outfits that is 'easy' and 'acceptable' by the community..and of course wearing 'something different' will make you easily noticed..noticed can be either positively or negatively noticed..hmmm

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