Monday, 27 October 2014

Vintage Tea Party - Malaysian Style

The idea of dressing for an English high tea is very exhilarating.  I can imagine the flowers in a sunny breezy spring garden..hermmmm...*smile*

Looking back to the history of tea party, it was first introduced in England by Duchess of Bedford, Anna in the year 1940.  The duchess asked that a tray of tea, bread, cake and butter be brought to her room every late afternoon since the dinner is expected later at evening time.  Her frequent request became a routine and she began welcoming friends to join her.  This quickly developed into a fashionable social event and spread to all parts of England.  Well-to-do society women had wardrobes including long gowns, gloves and hats specially for the event.  The table has proper and prettiest settings with the best china and linens that serves delicious cookies and cakes.

When we had the chance to host a tea party for a friend's birthday, everyone was overwhelmed with excitement..yesss...its time to dress up!!

My idea for this tea party is rather simple..i like to wear a dress that is basic, chic, elegant and vintage..but most must turn heads..cehhhhh...come, let me take you to our vintage English high tea party..our style..Malaysian style

Yours truly..ehemmm...that was what i settled for that day..a simple lace mid length dress..accessorized it with pearls..
with a hat (a must) and a  wrist corsage.. *Kate Middleton-ish* :p 

Pretty ladies in pastels

Trying to bring the 'outside in' for the decoration...

The line up...

Alright...that's how we held our Malaysian English tea may not be English enough..but it was great and we had fun..girls just want to have fun hunnnnn...lalala

Kate Middleton wannabe.. *wink wink*