Monday, 15 August 2011

VPL and G-string dillema

hahahahaah....allow me to laugh before i start writing :))

Alright, undergarment or underwear are clothes worn under the other clothes, often next to skin.  The function is to keep outer garments from being soiled by bodily discharges, shape the body, provide support & to 'hide' those things that needed to be hid.  Some undergarments are intended for erotic effect...wuuuuuuu..

In fashion, VPL or Visible Panty Lines is considered as of the fashion Faux Pas (a slip or blunder in etiquette, manners or conduct - an unfortunate error in fashion etiquette).  VPL happens when the outline of a person's underwear is visible through the clothing.  Regarded as a fashion disaster or wardrobe malfunction (not to mention, it is every fashion designer's biggest nightmare..). VPL is caused by : tight fitting clothing, thin outer clothing, thick panties, panties size too small & underwear is darker than the outer.  

Well, there are so many women out there who failed to check their back in the mirror before they leave the house.  I have seen women with VPL many many times..there was one time I saw this lady wearing tight white pants..and her stripe black and white panty is obviously visible.  I turned to my husband and asked "why must she wears that" come his reply "because she just got out of jail !! "

VPL - Would you like your bum to look like this?

or this?
If your VPL is that absurd..i would advise you to - WEAR NOTHING!!

Now, one of the fashion tips to avoid VPL is to use thong or g-string.  Thong and G-string are two different underwear.  Thong has a wide strip of fabric that nestle between bum cheeks, while G-string has just that fine string at the back.  I dont understand why some women who wear G-string like to show it off.  Isn't it supposed to hide the VPL? G-string on show is voted as one of the Top 10 fashion disaster list in UK's OK magazine.  Lets see the pictures...

dont try to hard and bare it all

sexy or kinky?
menutup aurat?? i dont even want to comment on this..
As for my opinion, G-sting on show is not sexy at makes you look cheap, quirky and nonsensical...please ladies, leave your stripper look in your bedroom!!

Enough about VPL and G-string, what about Builder's Bum or Plumber's Crack? Have you heard the terms? No?? well...lets have a look of how builder's bum (as the Amercan called it) or Plumber's crack (term used in UK) looks like....

Builder's Bum/Plumber's Crack
what is this?? a building under construction?
Have you seen those bum & crack? Check yourself ladies..dont make yourself a subject of laughter behind your back...hahahaha

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Proud to have SOD - Shoe Obsession Disorder

Shoes Obsession Disorder is described as 'Women kind's enduring love affair with fabulous footwares', Urban Dictionary.  It is commonly self-diagnosed and there is no cure!!  

Some of the quotes gathered from famous OSD patients:
"I will literally be the old women who lived in her shoes" - Carrie Bradshaw, Sex in The City
"If you are scared of wearing high heels because they hurt your are old" - Celine Dion
"I did not have 3000 pairs of shoes.  I had only 1060" - Imelda Marcos

Christina Aguilera's shoe closet

Rachel Zoe's

How I wish I have that many pairs of shoe in my closet..I dont quite remember how many I have, but nothing less than 30 pairs..I have no explanation but I just love them.  My husband and my kids are well aware of this obsession of mine.  The kids use my obsession to 'attack' me if they are not satisfied with my decision.  My husband gave me numerous of 'not so friendly' comments, like "I dont understand why she needs so many pair of shoes..she only have 2 kaki"..."Walking on a plank of wood - an instruments of self torture"...bla bla bla..For me, high heels add a quality to our life.  When we have them on, they will make us taller and instantly our confident level shoot up..and..we dont have to lose weight to fit in to the shoes we die for..isnt that right?

One of my favorite - by Vinci Plus

For my Hari Raya - by eclipe

Though I love high heels but wedges can drive me insane.  When I was little, probably about 5-6 years old, I remember my mom used to own a pair of red platform shoes which I love to wear when I 'berdango'.  So, I went with her red platforms ketak ketok ketak ketok around our wooden kampung house.  I guess that is where I got the hang of it.  Wedges or platform means that the shoes are not raised just from the heel, but they are raised all over.  So, when we wear these shoes, our feet will not be inclined much.  Therefore, wedges are much more comfortable as compared to stilettos. 

Benefits of wedges:
  • It is a true friends to the feet - the entire foot remains supported by wedges.  I have 4 inches wedges and didnt get cramps even when I wear it all day long
  • It gives us an instant height - I'm 5 feets 4 inches tall and if I wear 4 inches wedges, my height will be 5 feets, 8 inches..whooohoooo...and I'm definitely taller than my husband and I feel in control..yeahhh 
  • It can be worn with any of your clothes - jeans, skirt, gowns, pants, baju kurung..even jubah or abaya
  • Its stylish, worldly and has a very cosmopolitan look

Wedges often spotted on the beautiful feet of Victoria Beckham.  From stylish and elegant to sneaker wedges.  Well, talking about Victoria, she always surprises with extraordinary & extravagant footware.  Some fashion wisdom from Victoria, "some wedges are great but you can look like your feet are encased in cement", "If you havent got it, fake it!  Too short? Wear big high heels but do practice walking".

Here are a few of my favorite wedges......

One of my most expensive shoes, 4 inches wedges - by Aldo

When I saw this, my jaw dropped & mouth said "holly molly"...a pair I bought in Kowloon Shopping Street, Hong Kong

Well..I do wear flats & sandals too..they are confortable & light..

Comfy..very very comfy flats - by Zang Toi
Dont know why I bought them - by Nose

I have few pairs  of shoe that havent been worn yet..there is one pair that I bought in London..bright yellow wedges..still in perfect condition, been keeping it for 12 years now and I never wore it..not even friend, Sandy Jap commented on FB, "Dont get upset because you cant have a new shoes.  There are people out there that have no feet".

Friday, 12 August 2011

My first time blogging

I never created a blog before and I seldom read people's blog either. Why do i created mine? First, I was thinking of keeping a journal about my journey in pursuing my Phd.  While I was thinking and dreaming, a friend of mine, Ida Athanazir suggested that I created a blog about my passion in fashion.  Before I even say a word, Ida said "from your heart..I know u gonna tell me u don't know how to write"...she knows how to read my mind..I cant write as good as her.  Her writing in is really eye catching.  How am I going to compare my writing with hers..sighhhhs

Well, after much of her encouragements, I tried and comes my blog..(I'm still struggling with my trial & error process tho).  I hope that I will master this blogging skill soon because I have so many things to share.  Like what Ida said, I have a good fashion sense and she believed a lot of people will follow.  Ya, I have to admit that I love fashion..I love accessorizing,  I love makeups, I love pretty dresses, I love colorful handbags and the greatest of all..I love shoes shoes..

People always stereotyping the blonde haired women with the term "Dumb Blonde".. I'm a blonde..hahaha...not original one lah..its a salon created blonde.  My hair is always always always colored with few different colors..if I dont have the blonde highlight, I will be crying like moody cow.  There's no reason for people to labelled me as a dumb blonde because I have proof that I'm smart & brilliant even though I dont look like one..hmm..well, with my colored hair, dressed like a supermodel ( so as if lah..) and walking around with my inches of high heels..who would have thought that I have two different diplomas, a 1st class bachelor degree (CGPA: 3.75), a master with an Excellent  Award (CGPA: 3.95) awarded by Yang Dipertuan Agung and now pursuing my Phd? 

So, this new blog of mine will compile my experiences from the very beginning till the completion of my Phd, with the hope that one day I can document it in a form of a book which can be a reference to other women out there.  I want to inspire women to achieve their dreams.  No matter who we are and how we look like, if we believe we can do it..yeah..we surely can.