Monday, 15 August 2011

VPL and G-string dillema

hahahahaah....allow me to laugh before i start writing :))

Alright, undergarment or underwear are clothes worn under the other clothes, often next to skin.  The function is to keep outer garments from being soiled by bodily discharges, shape the body, provide support & to 'hide' those things that needed to be hid.  Some undergarments are intended for erotic effect...wuuuuuuu..

In fashion, VPL or Visible Panty Lines is considered as of the fashion Faux Pas (a slip or blunder in etiquette, manners or conduct - an unfortunate error in fashion etiquette).  VPL happens when the outline of a person's underwear is visible through the clothing.  Regarded as a fashion disaster or wardrobe malfunction (not to mention, it is every fashion designer's biggest nightmare..). VPL is caused by : tight fitting clothing, thin outer clothing, thick panties, panties size too small & underwear is darker than the outer.  

Well, there are so many women out there who failed to check their back in the mirror before they leave the house.  I have seen women with VPL many many times..there was one time I saw this lady wearing tight white pants..and her stripe black and white panty is obviously visible.  I turned to my husband and asked "why must she wears that" come his reply "because she just got out of jail !! "

VPL - Would you like your bum to look like this?

or this?
If your VPL is that absurd..i would advise you to - WEAR NOTHING!!

Now, one of the fashion tips to avoid VPL is to use thong or g-string.  Thong and G-string are two different underwear.  Thong has a wide strip of fabric that nestle between bum cheeks, while G-string has just that fine string at the back.  I dont understand why some women who wear G-string like to show it off.  Isn't it supposed to hide the VPL? G-string on show is voted as one of the Top 10 fashion disaster list in UK's OK magazine.  Lets see the pictures...

dont try to hard and bare it all

sexy or kinky?
menutup aurat?? i dont even want to comment on this..
As for my opinion, G-sting on show is not sexy at makes you look cheap, quirky and nonsensical...please ladies, leave your stripper look in your bedroom!!

Enough about VPL and G-string, what about Builder's Bum or Plumber's Crack? Have you heard the terms? No?? well...lets have a look of how builder's bum (as the Amercan called it) or Plumber's crack (term used in UK) looks like....

Builder's Bum/Plumber's Crack
what is this?? a building under construction?
Have you seen those bum & crack? Check yourself ladies..dont make yourself a subject of laughter behind your back...hahahaha


  1. I personally love to wear these y back g string panties all the time but I don't like to show them off. In my opinion, all women should check their back in the mirror before they leave the home. I totally agree with you, Anna! This lingerie on show really makes you look cheap and quirky.

  2. Yes kim..we are not against those who are wearing it..we can wear it to prevent the vpl actually..and of course for self-satisfaction..we feel good if we wear something that makes us feel sexy and its cute too..just..dont show it off, right :)