Friday, 6 April 2012

Self-Picture Syndrome

Many of us suffer from what I called "Self-Picture Syndrome" or "Self-Potrait Obsession".. It is all because of the advancements in digital camera technology which makes self-potrait an easy task.  With just one hand holding the camera at arm's u go...photosssss.  Seeing someone taking his/her own picture is not a rare scene anymore :)

I have to admit that im one of those who suffer from this syndrome..I have taken hundreds of my own photos..I dont know, its kinda fun..we dont have these opportunity back, now we have why not..take la photo..its ok what..

Self-picture can make the photos feel more personal...some shots are fun & humorous.. Sometimes we had a good laugh looking at how funny we look..its ok..delete...and take another one..well, actually taking self picture is quite a difficult task..ask the professional photographer..they think it is difficult too..

Nevermind..we just want to have fun..when we grow old..60...70 years old..i dont think we will self-pix anymore isnt snap snap lah...have fun everyone..muah muahhh

 Location : Washroom

Location : Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Location : In the Lif