Saturday, 4 February 2012

Blessed with beautiful shape

I received lots of compliment regarding my do i keep my body in shape...i have two kids..a 16 years old and an 11 years old...since people complimented me a lot, i do feel proud..a little lah..i mean, who's not?

I have never been on a diet...i dont know..whether its my metabolism or my self-consciousness that drive me to 'ikat perut'...i really dont have a clue how i end up with this shape..BUT..what i can say is, it probably because of my diet routine..the food i take & how i take them..let me share with you...

1.  i never stop myself from eating..i eat anything, anytime that i want..but I EAT MODERATELY..its not necessary to wallop the whole bowl of laksa..or melicinkan sepinggan nasi goreng or nasi lemak...if i have the desire to eat it, i eat and stop before i feel really full..Maggi Mee for example..if i teringin nak makan maggi mee..instead of eating the whole packet, i take only half packet..

2.  I dont munch...keropok2...chips...titbit..huh uhhh...not really..i do take but seldom and if i take them, i take just a little..

3.  i dont like sweet things..sweet drinks, cakes, cookies..i just dont like

4.  No lemak2..nasi lemak..nasi goreng..masak lemak..curry...i only take them once in a while

Believe me or not..that is how my diet is like..i think it helps me to keep in shape..the problem i see with Malaysian women is, we like to munch in between meals and we eat as if there is no tomorrow....

Of course i have to blame our food..fatty..oily..sweet...thank god i dont like them..

So, friends..there s no special tips..its just how i 'behave' with food..i guess i love my cloths more than my food..hahaha


  1. u r my idol.
    kamek gemok, sik pande kurussss.
    will follow ur tips on how to behave with food ya....

    great POST!

  2. hai mbok..aie..kitak la berembok dgn kmk..hahaha..tq sweetie..m your idol? goodness..u praised me so high..i hope u can gain something from my tips..nothing much really, just something that i think wise to share..knowing that we the emboks and our gene..hmm..u know our size are mostly XL and above..we got to jaga..dont u think?