Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Toward the finishing line...

When i started this blog few years ago, my intention was to document my experiences during this PhD journey.  It is important because PhD is such a big thing, at least to me. But i barely have time to update this blog. 24 hours is never enough, i wish human can live without having to sleep. Then 24 hrs can be fully utilised.

Now, im in my 7th semester and insyallah this will be my final semester..well, its all depend on me & my capability to say 'the end'.  I can feel the heat this very critical moment, my life is also tested at every corner. At this very moment, i just not sure if having a PhD is a dream to me anymore. I am mentally, emotionally & physically drained because of what life throws at me. Is this the price we have to pay for a dream we want to achieve?

Quitting may not be an answer for my PhD because it is too late to quit. I must finish it no matter what, even when my heart is not with it. At least i achieve something in my life even though life itself is such a disappointment.

I really need to strengthen my faith and iman.  I am totally the maximum. Maybe im not as strong as i thought i am....

1 comment:

  1. You're truly a strong woman datin.
    I may not knowing u personally, but I believe u can do it.
    Insyallah, He will lead and show you His guide.
    Wishing u all the best Datin.