Friday, 20 January 2012

The Hidden Pair

The hidden pair..that's what my lovely Ida called is a hidden pair..hide under the staircase *wink wink*. I know i have the right to buy whatever i want..merely because i want and because i can ( not really because i need..heee)...but still i do feel 'kecut' if my husband finds out that i just bought another pair of shoe..and another..and another..well, he didnt say much actually..but i just..kecut..haha..orang bersalah kata kan..

Im not really into slipper because i dont really wear one.  However, the Fitflop craze have caught my attention..i tried them a couple of times during my window shopping session..and this pattern struck my heart..i was hit by 'i must get u though i dont know when m gonna wear u' syndrom..heee

Let me inject some info about Fitflop (well...m a, the element of teaching mesti ada :) Fitflop was created by the 41 year old Marcia Kilgore, a married mother of two. She and many other women like her, was so busy that she barely had time to juggle her work and workout with all the motherhood responsibilities on top of that.  'Everybody does a bit of walking..what about a flip-flop?  It's not that expensive to make, it's lightweight, it's going to work your muscles more, it doesn't hurt, it's not messy, you can slip it on and off"...
And so the Fitflop was born.
Marcia Kilgore

Now, i finally grabbed one of Marcia's creation that i have kept hidden under my staircase for 2 weeks..and I love the pair because they make me smile !

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