Thursday, 20 September 2012

The quiet & lay back City of Vaxjo, Sweden

I wrote this post when i was still in Vaxjo but didnt managed to complete & publish, continue..
After the tiring 30 hours journey (Kch-KL, Kl-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Copenhagen, Copenhagen-Vaxjo)..we finally reached Vaxjo, pronounce as 'Vex-hoe' (struggling to pronounce it right at first..and the mat saleh are laughing at our wrong pronounciation..daaa).
taking a 2 hours train ride from Copenhagen to Vaxjo
the hotel where we stayed - Best Western Royal Corner..highly remomended!
Vaxjo is a small city of Kronoberg, Sweden with the population of around 80,000. This city is awarded as the greenest city of Europe..i couldnt agree is indeed. If you want to get away from stress & endless work presure, this is the place that can offer you heaven of comfortness... There is nothing to worry and hurry here...its like everybody is on a holiday..nothing to heavy traffic..people walk or cycle..they jog and walk along the cross the road, the cars stop..even the bus driver stopped!  There was an incident where this bus suddently stopped - the driver got down the bus - cross over to the other side of the road - just to help an old lady to cross and get into the bus!!!) goodness me, this place is full of harmony... However, for shopping enthausiast like me, Vaxjo has limited shopping activities to offer. There is no big shopping mall, just a small stores at pedestrian streets. No variety either, so Vaxjo is not for shopping (plus the price is quite expensive for us Malaysian). It is a place for relaxing, enjoying beautiful natures and clean air....the air is so fresh and clean even the car's exhaust smoke smells like a sauna...hahahaha
A very unique designed apartment



hurmmmmm..ok...hahaha beautiful it is with a rainbow as the background

You see..the street is so quiet..i can even lay on the street and no car will run over me..haha

How to get around the city? Walk..walk...walk... Or .... Cycle! I can say that cycling is the most important mode of transportation here...this is how they can preserve & sustain their green environment.
We managed to cycled around..well..we cycled the whole day..i was struggling to cycle at first..helooooo...i didnt touch a bicycle for like 30 years and suddenly here I am on the bike...I almost walk back to the hotel and leave the bike in the middle of the road...but with encouragements from Mr.Hubby ' can do it'...'its getting better'..'yeahh...a little bit more' (i got pissed ishkkkk ishkkkk), I finally enjoyed my ride..fuhhh

The best part of the ride was...the castle..the Teleborg Castle...this castle was erected by Count Fredrik Bonde af Björnö as a wedding gift to his young wife Anna Koskull in 1900. 17 years later the couple had died, and the castle was used as a hotel for young girls and for accommodation in general. In 1964 the city of Växjö bought it and the surrounding park from the Bonde family and is today mainly used for representation, weddings and conferences.  I went in but nobody was there..not even the, i make myself confortable looking around, taking pictures, used the wash room..hmm, i didnt find the bedroom!
The Teleborg Castle of Vaxjo


There are too many pictures taken and I just couldnt share it here...4 days in Vaxjo was good enough to explore the city..I surely miss this place for its serenity and all the beautiful wonders nature can give..masyallah..the place is so beautiful..

The End of visted no.13

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