Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dilema si pemakai hijab dan baju pengantin

I know this topic will create a stir.. (owhhh..what an introduction..)

Ya, it will create a stir because im touching on an issue that is very sensitive..private (maybe) and its related to religion..but i have this "mual" in my stomach and i need to vomit it out..ok, im not qualified to be 'calon-calon wanita muslimah'..first, im not wearing the hijab as what other muslim women do..i have my own reason why..i dont have to mention it here as that will not just creating a stir but a tsunami..i just name 1 reason, rather a principle to me ~ I believe in doing thing with ikhlas & tulus..not to fit in or 'to show'..and i believe in 'hati yang bersih'..everything comes from the heart not from how we look

I was called tO write on this topic after i saw a wedding pictures of someone that i know. she just got married and happy..lalalalala..

Her everday look is with hijab..covering herself top to toe..muslimah ~ calon-calon nya ialah...jeng jeng jeng..yes..she can be the calon..the family is also known as the 'mereka yang alim alim belaka'..what become an issue here is she posted her pre-weddng pictures in Facebook & her blog..well, everyone does that..its a happy day right..BUT..her pre-wedding
pictures were taken during a holiday of her & her fiance (belum kawin yer..)..shocked & one of her album, she is wearing a tiub dress that exposing the upper part of her hijab (of course lah..) and gambar touching touching with her not-yet-husband

My question is, is she allowed to do that because it is her wedding day? Is she allowed to touch a man (touch is a more gentle word to describe the act of hugging, cuddlng dan yang sewaktu dengan nya) who is her husband to be? Is it ok for a woman who wear hijab to take it off..wear revealing dress because she is getting married? I mean, for orang yang tidak alim
like me, i still have that subconcious mind to think taht such acts are not right..well..perhaps i still can consider that as ok if they keep it as 'for our eyes only'..but not for the whole universe to observe

I may be a penyibuk..what do i know..why do i myself is not wearing not perfect myself..jangan jaga tepi kain orang..well, kalau kain disimpan elok, saya tak jaga..kalau kasi saya tengok..saya akan tengok, evaluate & analyse..i would rather be myself..look like who i am now..tapi tidak sekali kali memperlekehkan diri sendiri & agama hanya atas sebab sebuah album perkahwinan..

As for me, when the time comes for me to wear hijab..i want to be ready..mentally, spiritually & physically..with ketetapan iman serta diperlihara tingkah laku agar tidak menjadi momokan orang..

Forgive me for being vocal..but..i can only describe it in one sentence ~ "what a shame"


  1. Agree.some of those I know, even captured their pre wedding photo with some action that beyond one is perfect same goes to me,but I feel jerk to see people who hide their silly n stupid things behind their hijab..nauzubillah..

  2. That is why i said..if we want to wear it be ready..ready to change our kelakuan dan perbuatan has becoming a trend now to take pre weddng pictures and show it to the public..ada yg gbr peluk2..kissing2 pun ada..ive seen those during wedding reception..ramai yg mencela..what more to say if they are willing to take off their hijab and show off their skin..their act is even worst than those who are not wearng one

  3. Yes, sis. It's an HONEST statement you posted here. Sayang, right? After so many years and devotions we made to our religion, we simply break them just because of pre-wedding photos. A Muslimah must have a firm believe and understanding towards Islam including aurat. Actually, there are several issues regarding the hijabs' lately. Not just this one. But a lot. Sometimes I seen it as more to fashion issues. Hijab and aurat are definitely compulsary in Islam. As a Muslimah, we MUST know that. Just that different Muslimah has different definition and understanding regarding this. ;-D

  4. Some people seems not happy with my post.who am i to raise that issue when me myself is not perfect..but when they put their acts up for tontonan i wrong to critise? And u r right abt the fashion be honest with u it scares me makes me think 'if u transform yrself will u be like them?'

  5. Nobody's perfect, sis. Just a matter of perception. For me, it's good to criticize. One will learn more to understand the meaning of aurat, wearing hijab and Islam practices. Only Allah S.W.T. knows what relies in our heart. I repeat; just a matter of perception. ;-D

  6. True...

    sukatinya apa nak dipolah di blakang tabir, but, don't post photos for the whole world to see.

    especially org berkenaan wearing hijab? aiyaaa...

  7. Yalah..i dont normally care abt what people do..m not bothered..but..if u put it up publicly then u r opening a door for people to see & talk..betul sik?

  8. ibu, biasalah bu...dah jd trend gya bergambar pre wedding mcm urg dah nikah..mmg annoying la....

  9. ibu terkejut jak bah na nanga org bertudung bukan setakat sanggup buka tudung tapi buka baju nampak separuh dada just sbb nak bergambar kawen..banyak lagi baju2 pengantin lain yg cantek2..atau pun mun dah gila gilak nak berbaju kedak ya..ambik lah gambar sebanyak mana pun tapi jangan tunjuk dgn orang