Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Proposal proposal proposal... UiTM system, we are given 1 semester just to prepare our proposal..then we need to defense our proposal in the main campus Shah defense is scheduled to be in February...hukhukhuk....cry looooo..die die

I have done mine about 90%...great??? Hmm...dont praise me still in cannot be this easy. Some of our fellow phd student took 2-3 semesters to complete their proposal. After 2 - 3 times defending, only then the proposal is cannot be this easy for is impossible that i can do it as easy as this while my friends are tergoleng-goleng fell off their chair doing theirs..

Will be meeting my 2nd supervisor a day after tomorrow and have a discussion on my proposal..he didnt give me any feedback since he received it last week...wuhuhuhu...m freaking out here..he is my second supervisor..once he confirmed that my work is acceptable..then i will send it to my main supervisor who is known with her strictness..heartless..'pengempang'..'aku peduli apa' probably her tagline..but quality is her highest priority..that is the reason why my husband send me to her..for her to squeeze & that i can get a quality phd

I pray that my proposal is least my idea can be accepted..other amendments can be done as long as its not a complete rubbish..

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