Saturday, 3 December 2011

Supervisor is coming to town

" coming down to kuching tomorrow"......what?????? Owh nooooo...she is coming without notifying me in advance..wraghhhhhhh

Lucky me, i have done like 80% of my proposal (at least i have a physical evidence to show her though im doubtful of the quality of my produce) but still it gives me a shock of my life that i jumped out of my bed and drove to see my 2nd supervisor (Dr. nickname for him) for a 911 call...

There are areas that needed to be amended..but i was so overwhelm that i cant do any

Finally met my supervisor last night...lets call her Prof.Z..ya met her..then..?? Prof. Z said 'do the amendment first' that it? after all the nervousness and silly billyness??? well..never mind..she gave me a  number of useful tips & words of encouragement

Huhuhu...tons of work waiting for me...owh ME..please be strong...owh my head..dont give me migraine...i need to use you

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