Friday, 20 June 2014

Horrible Boss last post was in December blog is dusty babe!! now I got to learn how to go about writing my blog again..sighhhhhh...where have I been hiding...haha

ok ok...I will try my best to update my blog..(which have been longgggg start with, let me write about this movie... Horrible Boss.

Many of us complained about our bosses.  How horrible and difficult they are.  Our life is so miserable just because we try to accommodate to their needs.  To release our anger and frustration toward our bosses, we often create numerous nick names for them..well, I mean what else can we possibly do?  We are not going to tell them 'hey have made my life a fucking hell', right? The most extreme action we might do isssss...slam the door, kick the trash bin and whine like a dog... 'I hate you scumbag'...'this is for you smug face'....dangggggg off the trash bin fly to the sky..sound familiar?? Or you knock-knock your Facebook's wall and post a status. owh nooooo..don't do this, this is not professional at all.  If you do, you are literally making a huge mistake.  Your boss will eventually find out about it even if they do not have a Facebook account.  Don't underestimate them ya..and remember....sometimes technology fails and you will blow the hell out of your career.

So, fellas..then? I suggest you watch this movie.  I had a great time watching it while on board a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur few days ago.  This movie made me laughed out loud (i was lucky to be seated in Business class and there is a gap between me & other passengers).  The movie is about three men, Nick, Kurt and Dale who cant stand their bosses and fantasize to eliminated them from the face of earth.  Their fantasies become a reality when they hired a 'murder consultant' whose first name is 'Mother Fucker'..hahaha..imagine someone's first name is Mother Fucker.  Yes, it was hilariously funny film.   The movie actually reminded me of my own ex-boss.  We hate him so much we even called ourselves 'we hate somet' no..we didn't fantasize to murder him..hahaha.....enjoy the movie :)

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