Saturday, 17 September 2011

Does age really matters??

The very sexy 42 years old - Jennifer LopezT
"How old are you?".....if you are a stranger..dont try to ask me that question!

It is very rude to ask someone his/her age..but not for the people in Malaysia..we thought it is ok as it is just a is not JUST A is a sensitive question la....Some people are not so comfortable to tell their age.  As a women, age is our secret..shishhhhhhhhh...dont tell your age...hehehehe....'a woman who tell her age will tell everything'.Why it is so hard to tell then? Hmmm..maybe we are in denial..we dont feel the age but the number is there. Or are we simply afraid of the word 'aging'?

Aging, the accumulation of damage to molecules, cells and tissues over a lifetime, often leads to frailty and malfunction. Old age is the biggest risk factor for many diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases ( 

Lewis Wolpert, the emeritus professor of biology at University College London explained, most people were 'averagely happy' in their teens and 20s - declining until early middle age as they try to support a family and a career.  From the middle of 40s, people tend to become more cheerful and optimistic perhaps reaching a maximum in their late 70s and 80s.  Research also indicates that while aging can cause the weakening of some ability such as mathematics, others such as language and decision making improve as the brain wonder some of our classmates in EMBA were struggling when it comes to subjects like Financial Management, Managerial Economic and Statistics..we didnt just struggled but we were half dead while the younger classmates smiled taking photo with their calculators!

I'm blogging about age because yesterday I had a reunion get together with my former EMBA9 classmates.  We took that opportunity to celebrate the 50th birthday of Mr. Jamil Jamaluddin..welcoming him to the 5 SERIES club @ kelab WARGA EMAS..and the teasing never end..he is the second classmate that has reached that age..the first one was Abang in line will be Norden Bolhassan, but we have to wait for another 4 more years before we can 'ngepok' him to 'belanja' us..(well..this is just to make Norden feel young..still..).  The youngest classmate we have is only celebrate her 50th birthday, we have to wait for another 24 that time some of us probably laying in hospital bed (BP problems..heart problems..sugar problems..and problems..and problems..), or some still can attend the wheelchairs or assisted with tongkat (Parkinson !) and better still...some of us may no longer exist!

when you celebrate your 50th have to lit your own candles..people wont give you any mercy..hahaha

Let me repeat..the number is there but we dont feel it..that is exactly how i can described..even though we have reached certain age but we dont really feel that we are 30..40..or 50..the only sign of our age is the health, the mobility, the activities we involved in and the physical appearance.  Everything become much quieter and slower...but...according to scientists people become happier when they grow older - the best years do not arrive until our late 70s and 80s (The Telegraph).

As for myself, I plan to grow old gracefully and I want to keep on improving myself as I age.  There is no stopping as long as I want to do it. Embracing her philosophy, I agree with Coco Chanel, "A women has the age she deserved". so.. I WILL DETERMINE WHAT AGE I WANT TO BE!! .. wohsehhhhh...

So, do whatever it takes to keep ourselves in 'good & perfect condition'..never neglected your health, beauty regime & your physical appearance..when we reach certain age..the maintenance fee will tend to be higher and more expensive..but well, kereta lepas 5 tahun pun maintenace mahal maaaa....

I'm in my 30s and I'm thankful with what I have in my life..My life is so much better now compared to when I was in my 20s..I love myself more though I'm not that young anymore...couldnt be better..

Age is just an issue of mind over matter.  If you dont mind, it doesnt matter!!

Demi Moore (48 yrs old) with hunky husband Ashton Kutcher (33)..gulpppp

Cindy Crawford (45)

Anna Sue (30+++++++) hehhhhh...